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发送部门:科学技术处  发布日期: 2021-06-10


报告题目:A finite dimensional proof of the Verlinde formula

  人:孙笑涛  教授 




报告摘要:A formula of dimensions for the spaces of generalized theta functions on moduli spaces of parabolic bundles on a curve of genus g , the so called Verlinde formula, was predicted by Rational Conformal Field Theories. The proof of Verlinde formula by identifying the spaces of generalized theta functions with the spaces of conformal blocks from physics was given in last century mainly by Beauville and Faltings (so called infinite dimensional proof). Under various conditions, many mathematicians tried to give proofs of Verlinde formula without using of conformal blocks, which are called finite dimensional proofs by Beauville. In this talk, we give unconditionally a purely algebro-geometric proof of Verlinde formula. Our proof is based on two recurrence relations, one of which establishs an inductive procedure for the genus of curves, another one provides an inductive procedure for the number of parabolic points. This is a joint work with Mingshuo Zhou.